“Life is Short” is a special iteration of Life Fest Film Festival. WE have LOWER ENTRY FEES to help you get to Hollywood!
Life Fest is the film festival dedicated to showcasing films that affirm the intrinsic worth of an individual life, and the profound significance of each life, even the seemingly insignificant!

By focusing only on shorts, we free up screen time, and are able to lower admission fees! Thus allowing more filmmakers to participate and join us in Hollywood!

Our special purpose is to unite new and rising filmmakers with Hollywood professionals and to impact the ‘story-telling’ industry with the next generation of film-makers. By focusing only on shorts, we free more screens from lengthy features, and allow a much broader spectrum of participants.

Come show off your shorts! Just make sure they’re clean!

Awards & Prizes

The Capra
Hitch Prize – use of suspence

Rules & Terms

Selected Films Participants must ensure that they have the right to participate in Life Fest with regard to third persons connected to the production of selected films/projects. Life Fest will not pay screening fees and it is assumed that any film submitted without specific reference to a requested screening fee in the cover letter is both available to be screened, with no legal restrictions, and without expectation of a fee being paid. Submitting your film to Life Fest denotes agreement to all rules and regulations listed here within. The final print of each invited film must be delivered to Life Fest before April 25th, 2013 or have other arrangements agreed upon by the festival directors. The Festival reserves the right to refuse or cancel the projection of any print deemed of insufficient quality. Press & Publicity If your film is selected to screen at Life Fest, you will be asked to provide: director’s bio and filmography/videography, b&w and/or color stills from the film, press materials, and video trailer (if available). Judging & Awards All accepted submissions are eligible for the awards designated for the category in which it is submitted. Individuals from the media and other industry experts will serve as impartial judges of all selected films. Separate Jury Awards will be presented to the best film in each category. Shipping The cost of shipping a submission to Life Fest must be paid by the entrant. Please do not send submissions in fiber-filled envelopes, as their residue ruins equipment. To obtain notification of receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard. Submission DVDs will not be returned unless otherwise requested. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the entrant. Reproduction Agreement Unless otherwise requested, film submissions selected for screening grant Life Fest the rights to use moving image excerpts, production stills, and information from the film for promotional purposes. Entrant also agrees to give Life Fest permission for accepted films and related marketing materials to be reproduced and distributed – in whole or in part – for the purposes of jurying, education, and promotion of the festival, including but not limited to online screenings and post festival distribution. Filmmakers may opt out of allowing Life Fest use of their films for post-festival distribution if desired. Liability Every precaution will be exercised in handling films. However, should a print be lost or damaged, Life Fest will not be held responsible. Preview DVDs are non returnable. Screening films will be returned only with proper return postage or arrangements made at filmmaker’s expense. Do not send original or master prints. Life Fest is held harmless by entrant from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, or expenses incurred by any claim against entrant involving copyright, trademark, or credits of any selected film.